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Control Centre Design & Build

For years since the revolutionary industrialization, people had been focusing providing state-of-the-art system and hardware to prove the efficiency of its individual competency to avoid error and unplanned downtime, which amount to billions of dollars lost every year. These cases can be very depressing as time lost can be very costly, and often fatal. With analyst’s research, 80% of such downtime is preventable. For too many examples where high technology which should deliver fault-free operation, but no single entity had given high importance to human factors integration.

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Investment in Control Centre Design is no longer focus on the operators’ comfort but it had gone beyond the response interface of the system associate with the operators. Hence to better prepare for tomorrow’s technological control centre, we need to provide a more dynamic holistic design enabling a more diversified investment to ‘wire-up’ the necessity interface.

In Datumstruct, we have crafted and formulated a totality of a control centre where we focus on tomorrow’s technological integral with many passive systems within a control centre environment. From a wide selection of overview display system, we bring together the overall operation needs against the technology availability in today technology. A smart selection of large scale display system will induce and contribute being socially responsible for environmental friendly user. Such action will certainly be welcome by the GREEN social media.

Industry is making more use of computers across an ever-increasing range of applications; from machine control through automated process management to entire plant command and control centre & data management complexes. The flow and access of information is paramount to the successful operation of many industrial and commercial organizations. In area of high data throughput and display, Datumstruct is able to provide solution to allow operators to select and access data that is required to carry out their tasks and instantly react to unexpected events.

Datumstruct premium brand, RE.DE.CON enables to furnish the control centre with design, focusing on superior workmanship and customization for different operation’s need. The product developed often surpasses our customer’s expectation in quality and services. RE.DE.CON is supported by a sustainable program of investment into R&D and design, often with our customer’s & user’s feedback.

In summary, our Control Centre Design & Built (CCDB) had grown leaps and bounds and mature into providing a totality in control centre design philosophy in the region. Our organization has path the road map and transfer all in-house products knowledge to formulate this CCDB solution. Our passion in design had allow us to evolve many engineering aspect which specialize with our modernize interior design. We incorporate our design with HFE analysis couple with ergonomic consideration and for some critical environment, we provide task & workload analysis ensuring the user a healthier environment to handle stressful operations.

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Ergonomic Console Desking

The critical role in which a control and command centre plays is crucial to our client’s business success. We absolutely understand the complications involved in a completefit-out and thus our team at REDECON seeks to work closely together with you to ensure a total control centre solution. We aim to create an effective yet aesthetic console desk system to ensure your facility is developed according to rigid standards with quality materials, intelligent technologies and innovative designs.

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Our turnkey package offers our expertise in the following areas:


Our team of consultants will work to your needs and specifications to provide the perfect solution in the creation of ergonomically advanced console systems for your control and command centre. From your initial enquiry through to the completion of the project we will ensure everything is suited to your requirements.

We evaluate all related elements, giving you the best solution complete with three-dimensional computer graphics rendering. Perfection and excellence is what we strive to achieve for you, matched with creativity, efficiency and technology, challenging the limitations of time and space. You can place your trust in our expertise and experiences garnered from years of project implementation, research and development.

Just get in touch with us and tell us your requirements, we can do the rest.


REDECON's team of engineers works with a professionalism spirit ensuring that everything runs smoothly and under control. Safety and quality are our big priorities, adhering to international standard of operations in every stage of our processes. Our quality management principles are backed by several certifications of the highest regard. We believe in strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement in what we do, so that you can receive consistent, ergonomically designed and good quality products and services.


REDECON is the leading provider of ergonomic consoles for mission-critical applications. By integrating people with technology, REDECON console designs help to manage technology-intensive command and control environments. At REDECON, we understand the significant impact of good design. Our products are designed and crafted with the end user in mind, allowing modifications, relocations and expansions to accommodate business changes and growth without major disruptions to your operations. Our design team will use their knowledge of ergonomics and control room design to ensure the most efficient use of the space available, strike a balance between the environment, aesthetic values, functionality, and meet a variety of needs even in the most demanding conditions.

3D Computer Graphics
3D computer graphics are portrayed to our customers using applications of advanced equipment and latest design software. With clear visualization, it can help you see how your control room could look, making the aesthetic possibilities endless.

We spend a considerable amount of time to explore the harmonious relations between man and machine, in order to make our products more user-friendly. Through the application of ergonomics, we take into account of the daily operations of each project, making sure of users' comfort for more effectiveness, as well as meet the most strenuous demands of a command centre.

Complete with our own manufacturing plant and R&D technology, we are well suited to facilitate productivity in a wide range of design, application, and space challenges. This way, we can work with our customers to provide full customisation. Our expertise in this industry is unparallel as we provide top-notch quality and service, supported by integrated international advanced technology and innovation.

Our professional installation team is qualified in all aspects of control room design, manufacture and installation. We will work closely with you to ensure all criteria and preferences are met at your site. The close ties we have with our architects, engineers and integrators will help transform your site with no glitch, fulfilling your needs and requirements for a perfect control and command centre for better future business success.

Today, control and command operations are taking centre stage being highly specialized facilities with technology-intensive equipment. To ensure smooth operations for your business success, both preventive and corrective, we provide maintenance packages tailored to your needs, budget, key facilities and equipment.

Customer Services
At REDECON, we take pride in our products and services. Giving our best in serving you is our business philosophy. Our business builds on our promise to our customers to ensure their satisfaction and happiness in what we offer. We uphold honesty to build trust in our customer relationships, along with good communications because we know your business success translates to our business success.


No matter which industry, REDECON offers console system solutions designed to fulfil your needs of a control and command centre. We combine the disciplines of industrial design, ergonomics and interior design to create ergonomic workspaces that are both efficient and beautiful for you. Our years of accumulated knowledge and experiences gave us the authority in designing, manufacturing and installing operational control consoles to the highest technical specifications.

Our solutions are ergonomically designed with considerations given to equipment placement, reach distance, aesthetic presentation, effectiveness and comfort. All these are done so that our customers can have a working environment perfectly tailored to the challenging nature of the control and command centre arena.

Our projects range from a single control consoles to full redesigns and fit-outs for various industries’ mission critical centre. Following, is a full list of industries in which REDECON has covered: energy, utilities, oil, petrochemical, banking, power, information technology, manufacturing, media entertainment, military, public safety, high-tech industry, telecommunication, transportation, government, education and other industries.

REDECON’s experience within the transportation industry ensures we are able to design, manufacture and install operational control consoles to the highest technical specifications. Our console systems range from single desk consoles to full redesigns and fit-outs of a traffic control centres.

REDECON offers console solutions tailored to meet your exact specifications in your industry. We build to fit both your technical and aesthetic requirements from designs, manufacturing and installation.

REDECON focuses on details where it translates to our design, manufacture and installation. Our systems are designed to enhance communication with an increase in operational efficiency through ergonomic design.

REDECON’s system consoles are designed for seamless integration to meet the different needs of command and control environment across industries. We provide flexible design and customizable accessories to enhance workflow and maximize operator effectiveness.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals
In the Oil, Gas and Chemicals industry, a bespoke command console from REDECON is designed to promote a shared working environment to integrate and complement all aspects of the demanding role it plays.

Security & Defense
At REDECON, we prioritize what is most crucial to our clients’ business success. Our specialisation in the design, manufacture and installation of security and defence control room furniture ensure that security is maximised and not compromised.

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Video Wall Solutions

) eyevis from Reutlingen, Germany is specialized in the development of high-quality large screen systems for continuous 24/7 operations. eyevis commitment guarantees continuous development in high-tech, high-quality and total complete solutions for displays. To enhance our customers’ experience, eyevis has developed and is still continuously upgrading intelligent software solutions to achieve a complete, unique and perfect large screen system. The name eyevis in the industry of large screen displays stands for quality, innovation, flexible and redundant systems and solutions.

) eyevis Asia was established in 2005 as the representative office for eyevis GmbH covering Eastern and Southern Asian countries. Throughout the year, we have stablished strong partners and resellers across the region, continuously providing the best support to our customers. To further support or partners and resellers, we have set up Demo and Training facilities in our premises in Malaysia and Singapore.

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Experts for Experts: eyevis develops, produces and sales large screen systems for the display of video and graphic signals, and provides a complete range of products and services which fulfils the highest demands in the field of high-quality large screen visualisation. eyevis is able to offer complete one-stop systems and the realisation of customised special solutions. eyevis also provides premium LED walls and works together with reputable partners. In order to deal with the various customised requirements more precisely we have various experts who are specialised in the technological demands of their respective branch. We have experts for the following fields of applications:

- Traffic & Transport
- Energy & Public Utilities
- Security, Military & Emergency Services
- Telecommunication & Data Centres
- AV/LED/Digital Signage/Broadcasting
- Virtual Reality &Simulation

Complete Solutions - Unlike other manufacturers of rear-projection units eyevis does not only produce the cubes itself, but also the required controllers and software solutions. eyevis provides one-stop systems, no need for devices or components from third parties:

-Management Software
-Special customized developments

Therefore our customer’s benefit from a well-engineered system with optimally adjusted components.

Design, Equipment, Installation: For the planning, equipment (including furniture, panelling, light, floors, ceiling) and installation of control rooms and operating centres we have strategic partnerships with the leading providers and system integrators.

Process control systems, SCADA, DCS, client-specific software: We also stay in close contact with the providers of process control systems, SCADA- and DCS-systems, in order to guarantee a perfect compatibility of our systems at any time.

A close co-operation with our partners, as well as with our customers allows the development and realization of complete systems and conceptual solutions.

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