Command Centre Innovations

Command Control Room Innovations

Command Centre Innovations




We RE.DE.fine CON.ventions in ergonomic design to transform your command centre environment through quality and innovative control room solutions.


RE.DE.CON takes an integrated approach to ergonomic design, ensuring that people and productivity are at the forefront of every project we undertake to enable the most efficient operations in 24/7 mission-critical environments.

RE.DE.CON consoles are innovatively designed and crafted with the end user in mind, allowing modifications, relocations and expansions to accommodate business changes and growth without major disruptions to your operations.


Our experienced design team work with your to understand your operational needs, striving to provide a solution that meets the balance between your operational environment and aesthetic and functionality needs.

Critical considerations include the layout of the room, knee space, countertop and monitor height, viewing angles, reach, the amount of space the operator has behind the desk, and even to the precise placement of every keyboard, mouse and telephone.



ergonomic _ human factor  


Ergonomic & Human Factor

Our commitment towards high quality office ergonomics provides human-focused solutions for your mission-critical environment. We ensure that our consoles are ergonomically engineered to help you achieve optimum performance and efficiency for instant response.


bespoke program


Bespoke Program

Unique ergonomic design solutions crafted with our personalisation feature provide the flexibility to create bespoke equipment for your business. We combine extensive research with substantial experience to support you in customising your control console from base design to delivery.



pre and post sales service



Pre and Post Sales Services

Seamless end-to-end service offered through our turnkey solutions ensures the best possible service for you. We adopt a comprehensive methodology from professional consultation, initial planning concepts, console design and build, right through to project execution, installation and after-sales services.






       3D Computer Graphics

  • 3D computer graphics are portrayed to our customers with application of advanced equipment and the latest design software.
  • Clear visualisation helps you to see how your control room will appear making the aesthetic possibilities endless.



  • An effective command centre should take into consideration both the form and function that facilitates the complex interactions between operators, technology and the environment.
  • We spend a considerable amount of time exploring the harmonious relations between man and machine.
  • We’re committed to ensuring our consoles are comfortable, user-friendly, and ensure the wellbeing of operators while they are at the console in a 24/7 environment.