Data Centre Tech Innovations

Data Center Tech Innovations

Data Centre Tech Innovations



Data centre design are constantly changing and the way we manage them today are greatly defined by massive amount of data collected from the devices and the speed of delivery of this data. With the explosion of IOT and 5Gs technologies in the market, the increased capacity of 5G and reduced latency is propelling IoT device installations over the next few years at ever increasing rates.

With the exuberant growth of data driven by IoT and Industrial 4.0, data centre management has to be strategic, creative and innovative to embark on the smart cities vision.


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Our DCIM Technology team provides professional services that specializes in DCIM deployments, sensors connectivity, process engineering, energy metering, audit reports and dashboards creations. All these put together for our prestigious clients to meet their management and operational needs. Our solutions provides data centres stakeholders vivid 3D representation of the data centre space, architecture, mechanical and engineering systems, cooling, power connectivity and impact analysis for the data centres, in this way we create a digital twin of the data centre. You can predict, visualize and quantify the impact of any change in your data centre prior to implementation, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.





Visual Data Centre is a versatile infrastructure management solution which presents features for various types of users. The core set of information revolves around capacity, utilization and current state for key site resources of space, power and cooling. Features range from supporting Facility, IT and Security devices to driving day-to-day operational efficiencies to executive capacity planning and forecasting capabilities for sites and devices under management of the application.

The full Visual Data Centre solution provides a robust, distributed and resilient architecture capable of supporting both web and mobile client interfaces. Mobile asset audit and management capabilities along with mobile rack door unlock functions allow users to leverage the Visual Data Centre solution while moving thru their facilities with tablet and phone interfaces. Business Intelligence integrations, ITSM integrations, integrated streaming IP Camera features and more provide users a true solution to their asset management, monitoring, alarming and capacity planning needs.





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