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Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology


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saving planet

Saving Our Planet

When waste food is discarded in a landfill, it degrades as an anaerobic process. This decomposition produces methane which is 72 times worse for the atmosphere in the short term than carbon dioxide. This will cause a huge effect of global warming and huge landfills of food waste. Furthermore, the decomposition smells and can cause health problems. Our smart food waste management solutions are designed to resolve these environmental problems and save the planet from more harm.



How It Works

The food waste biodigester uses a series of processes in which micro­organisms break down biodegradable material in the presence of oxygen. The output is grey water that is environmentally safe. You can discharge this down the drain or use it to enrich your landscape. The decomposition inside the food waste biodigester is an aerobic process. This produces CO2 and water in a natural manner that is accelerated in the machine. This natural process is carbon neutral because the carbon was taken from the atmosphere to produce the food in the first place.


The food waste biodigester is a practical alternative to the traditional disposal of waste food. Anything you can eat, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, bread, rice, and noodles can go into the food waste biodigester. The machine can digest both raw and cooked foods. The process is totally green because it uses no chemicals.

As one of earth’s oldest processes, composting is the most effective means of stabilizing and converting biodegradable waste. The waste food is not being chopped but it is decomposed to such a degree that it becomes a liquid and can exit the machine only through a fine mesh screen. The rich by-product is therefore safe and replenishes nature.


Connection To Cloud

The food waste biodigester can connect through its Ethernet port to a cloud server. It can securely sends data about the operation of the food waste biodigester to the server and that data is retained for five years. The data includes the amount of waste food digested hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly; the number of times the door is opened in these periods; and the amount of CO2 di­verted from the landfill during these periods. If you have multiple machines, you can aggregate the data into a single report.



How It Works

The food waste composter is a closed-loop automatic condensation system type by drying any kind of disposed food at reduction rate of 85% - 95%. It is used to prevent odor leakage and contaminants are removed through a condensation system and filtering to prevent odors. Save energy by indirect heating method with minimal power consumption. It has a compact size, a design that fits any place, and has excellent performance.



smart city

From 2024 onwards, MEWR/NEA will make it mandatory for the owners and operators of commercial and industrial premises, where large amounts of food waste are generated, to segregate their food waste for treatment. Such premises include large hotels and malls, and large industrial developments housing food manufacturers or food caterers. The owners of existing commercial and industrial premises that generate large amounts of food waste will be allowed to choose the food waste treatment method that best suits their operations. The on-site treatment of food waste reduces the associated environmental costs, such as carbon emissions, involved in the transportation of food waste to an off-site facility for treatment. For new premises that generate large amounts of food waste, space for on-site food waste treatment systems can be incorporated at the planning stage to allow for the closed-loop management of food waste within these premises. (Source taken from: https://www.mse.gov.sg/resource-room/category/2020-07-30-resource-sustainability-act/)


With this Resource Sustainability Act from MEWR & NEA, Datumstruct is capable of offering both wet and dry solution food waste treatment on your site facility. Here are the benefits of our food waste digester and composter.



Digest food
waste on site
in 24 hours
with no odor
or noise.


Safely dispose
of your food
waste without
sending in to
the landfill.


smells, mess
and pests
from your
trash bin.

Cost Saving

reduce cost
to dispose of
and manage
waste food.


See statistics
on usage,
and service
schedules via
remote cloud